Slab Leaks

When it comes to slab leaks, homeowners are often unaware of the problem until it becomes a major cause for concern. This type of leak can happen in the foundation that your house sits on just as easily as it can happen to the water pipes under the foundation. The causes of a slab leak are as varied as the location where the leak occurs, but can include extensive water damage to the home, excessive humidity in the home, and much more. It can be one of the worst types of damage to a home because of its location and the damage done prior to its detection.

Homeowners who suspect a slab leak should call us right away so one of our experienced plumbers can arrange to inspect your home for a potential slab leak. Some of the signs homeowners may notice are increased water bills, wet carpets and baseboards, the sound of running water, and low water pressure – all of which can signal a slab leak. When faced with the possibility of something as serious as a slab leak, don’t take chances with your biggest investment. Call the professionals at Oliver’s Plumbing to find and fix the leak, and get you back on a solid foundation.