As many homeowners know, kitchens and bathrooms account for the greatest expenses during a home remodeling; however, these same rooms can also cost a homeowner a lot of time and aggravation when it comes to common plumbing problems. Some of the most common plumbing problems faced during a remodel include pipes that have leaked, often out of sight of the homeowner. This kind of problem may have gone unattended for years, unknown to the owner, and may present as much bigger problem during a remodel.

Our staff of plumbing experts understands that preexisting issues could have far-reaching effects, causing more time and money to be required to completely fix them. However, the staff at Oliver’s Plumbing knows the best ways to fix the problem either before or during a remodel and also plan ahead so that it doesn’t occur again. We also work with our clients to make sure any remodel involving plumbing is done according to best practices and established industry standards. This is how we ensure our clients have a reason to rest easy at night, even when living in the midst of a home remodeling project.

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