Backflow Test and Repair

The majority of plumbing issues arise when water goes where it shouldn’t or tries to go where it can’t. However, outside the home or business, additional plumbing issues occur when water for landscaping just moves in the wrong direction in general, which is why a back flow test is so important. At Oliver’s Plumbing, we know that backflow devices need to be checked at regular intervals to ensure their proper working condition, as well as to safeguard public water safety. These are the types of things our staff pays careful attention to, and does as part of going the extra mile for every one of our customers.

For backflow testing and repairs, there are many products and plumbers available that promise to get the job done correctly. However, many of them leave much to be desired and can cost valuable time and money with little to show for it. When faced with a backflow issue that could become a major plumbing concern and cost, don’t rely on people or products that offer only empty promises. Place your trust in the company that works hard every day to earn it, and let our plumbing staff ensure that it’s water that flows, and not your hard-earned money.